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Arkham Nights: Tales of Mythos Noir

Arkham Nights: Tales of Mythos Noir
by Glynn Owen Barrass & Ron Shiflet
Introduction by Robert M. Price

Trevor and Barnes… two tough survivors of The Great War. They meet in the darkness of Arkham, friends at first sight:

I was pleased to see Towers grab the fallen gun and then stunned as he aimed it at me!
“You ungrateful asshole!” I yelled. “What’s the big . . .”

Joining forces as the Arkham Detective Agency, they fight the good fight against evil, together with office girl, a hot dame indeed:

I looked at the white-haired heavy weight in our doorway and asked, “Who are you?” I’m real quick witted that way.
The woman stepped forward and extended a mitt that was nearly big as mine. We shook hands and I reminded myself to check my pinkie later for fractures.

And against them are rallied all the horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos…

We’d truly entered an underground world of nightmare even the sinister streets of Innsmouth couldn’t bear to hint at.
…A mass of living white grease or filth, about thirty feet wide and sloping up to around half that in height, it was covered in pink, shiny globules of various sizes. That it was alive was obvious, for it pulsed and moved rhythmically, but not naturally.

With a stunning cover by M. Wayne Miller!

Revised from the original edition published as Two Against Darkness, by H. Harksen Productions.

Now available in softcover and ebook format: