Monthly Archives: August 2014

Laurel Halbany

Laurel Halbany talked an otherwise sensible college into granting her an undergraduate degree in Mythology, a course of study which was not especially marketable but has proven endlessly useful in her writing. Her work has been published in English and in translation in Japanese, and has appeared in publications including as Night Land and Five Million Years to Earth. She lives in the urban penumbra of San Francisco with her family.

Cody Goodfellow

Goodfellow.smallCody Goodfellow has written five novels—his latest is Repo Shark (Broken River Books)—and co-written three more with New York Times bestselling author John Skipp. He received the Wonderland Book Award twice for his short fiction collections, Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars and All-Monster Action (both Swallowdown Press). His third collection, Strategies Against Nature (King Shot Press), is out now. He wrote, co-produced and scored the short Lovecraftian hygiene film Stay At Home Dad, which can be viewed on YouTube. He is also a managing director of the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival–Los Angeles and cofounder and editor at Perilous Press, a micropublisher of modern cosmic horror.