Glynn Owen Barrass


Glynn Owen Barrass lives in the North East of England and has been writing since late 2006. He has written over a hundred short stories, most of which have been published in the UK, USA, France, and Japan.

He also edits anthologies for Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu fiction line, also writing material for their flagship roleplaying game. To date he has edited the collections Eldritch Chrome, Steampunk Cthulhu, Atomic Age Cthulhu, for Chaosium, and World War Cthulhu for Dark Regions Press.

His fiction appearances include: ‘Alien Architecture (The Drabbler 16),’ ‘Alien Sex Secrets,’ ‘Alternate Dimensions, ‘Bard,’ ‘Beautiful Scruffiness,’ ‘Bound For Evil,’ ‘Candlelight: Volume 1 & 2,’ ‘Climate Change (The Drabbler 19), ‘Crossed Genres,’ ‘Deathbed Confessions (The Drabbler 20)’ ‘Denizens of Darkness,’ ‘D.O.A. Extreme Horror Collection,’ ‘E’ch Pi El,’ Eldritch Chrome, ‘Ethereal Tales,’ ‘Full Metal Orgasm,’ ‘Full-Throttle Space Tales: Space Horrors,’ ‘Fungi,’ ‘Garbaj,’ ‘Ghostlight,’ Kizuna: Fiction For Japan, ‘Like Frozen Statues of Flesh,’ ‘Lovecraft’s Disciples,’ ‘Made You Flinch,’ ‘M-Brane SF Magazine,’ ‘Monomyth,’ ‘Murky Depths,’ ‘Nesting (The Drabbler 21),’ ‘Sorcerers of Zandor,’ ‘Startling Space Stories,’ ‘Strange Detective Stories,’ ‘Strange Sorcery,’ ‘Tales of the Weird West,’ ‘Tales of the Talisman,’ ‘Ténèbres,’ ‘Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction,’ ‘The Lovecraft eZine,’ The Mountains of Madness, ‘The Shadows of the Unknown,’ ‘The Phantom of Truth,’ ‘Thrilling Tales,’ ‘Title Goes Here,’ Two Against Darkness, Undead and Unbound, Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities, ‘Weird City,’ ‘The Yellow Sign’ and ‘Yog’s Notebook.’

Details of his latest fiction appearances can be found at Stranger Aeons: The Domain of Writer Glynn Barrass.

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