Edward Lipsett


Edward Lipsett was raised in Maryland, USA, but has lived in Japan for over three decades now.

He runs Intercom, Ltd., a Fukuoka-based translation and design firm specializing in English, Japanese, Chinese (both), and Korean, in addition to various publishing imprints, including Kurodahan Press, which specializes in English-language translations from Japanese, and Trident House, which publishes the Japanese-language Night Land magazine featuring translations of leading English-language horror fiction with local content.

In spite of the advice of almost everyone he knows, he remains hopelessly addicted to books of almost every description.

He has published a number of works translated from Japanese, for publication by Kurodahan Press, and contributed two translations of short stories by Japanese author Ken Asamatsu to:
The Mountains of Madness and Cthulhu’s Reign.